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The Unexpected Consequences of Big Data

Jim Sinur | 7 hours 56 minutes ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

Big Data is the unexpected resource bonanza of the current century.  Moore’s Law driven advances in computing power, the rise of cheap storage and advances in algorithm design have enabled the capture, storage, and processing of many types of data previously that were unavailable for use in computing systems.  Documents, email, text messages, audio files, and images are now able to transform into a usable digital format for use by analysis systems, especially artificial intelligence.  The AI systems can… more

When Does The Creativity Happen? Design, Agile and the Studio Model

The subject of creativity and design has been on my mind for a while, especially since the publishing of two of my articles: The End of Agile and Beyond Agile: The Studio Model . My contention has been from the start that one of the biggest problems that Agile in general faces is that it doesn't really get to the root of creativity, or, to put it in more concrete terms confuses where and how design takes place, seeing it as primarily a group activity. My experience, after having written a number of books,… more

How IoT And AI Can Enable Environmental Sustainability

Leveraging AI and IoT for environmental sustainability can help maximize our current efforts for environmental protection. According to a 2018 report by Intel, 74% of 200 business decision-makers in environmental sustainability agreed that AI would help solve environmental problems. Using IoT and AI for Reducing E-waste Millions of electronic devices are discarded without proper disposal. Billions of dollars are wasted every year for proper disposal or recycling of used parts of discarded devices. To… more

Exclusive Interview: Why Facebook Is Training Robots To Think

Facebook's hexapod, Daisy, learning to walk MARTINE PARIS On the rooftop of the building that houses the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) lab in Mountain View, California, there is a boot camp for robots where the sun beams down on Daisy, a hexapod who is learning how to walk on a dirt jogging path. Her foot has become stuck in mulch as she struggles to wrestle free. A team of Facebook AI researchers eagerly looks on, watching to see what she will do next as she moves forward with the curiosity and… more

The Worlds Of AI And Blockchain Are Colliding

Nowadays just about everyone understands the importance of data. And when it comes to AI, the more data the better. Data can be an incredibly valuable and powerful tool and it’s growing at an exponential rate. In just the past two years, 90% of the world’s data was created and companies need to store more data than ever before. Questions about privacy, security, and data governance including access are being asked by organizations.  For many years the traditional formula for service on the internet was,… more

From Greeting Cards to Pinterest: Activity Streams and Marketing

Social media has become such an integral part of marketing that it's easy to forget about how different a paradigm it is. Because of that, a great number of people who focus on marketing often fail to understand how it differs from other forms of online content, and as such develop strategies that are a waste of energy, time and money. Ultimately, it all comes down to cards ... specifically data cards. The data card goes back to well before the computer age. By the mid-19th century, the price of printing… more

Software Ate The World, Now AI Is Eating Software

By Martijn van Attekum, Jie Mei and Tarry Singh Introduction Marc Andreessen famously said that "Software is eating the world" and everyone rushed into the room. This was as much a writing on the wall for many traditional enterprises as it was wonderful news for the software industry. Still, no one understood what he meant. To make his point he stated this example: “Today, the world’s largest bookseller, Amazon, is a software company — its core capability is its amazing software engine for selling… more

We Need Cyber Policy Now.

Since we increasingly depend on a digital world, it is critical to evaluate whether we have effective cyber policies to ensure the security and information flow storage of our connected cyberspace, aquaspace, geospace and space ecosystem.  Introduction The human-made digital ecosystem, cyberspace, has fundamentally changed everything across nations. Cyberspace is defining the very nature of security and prosperity each individual and entity across nations: its government, industries, organizations and… more

The Demise Of The Dumb Bots & The Four Levels Of Cognitive Automation

TWEET THIS Too many people confuse RPA and AI. In fact, they have nothing to do with each other. Automation is not intelligence. The future of process automation lies with cognitive tools that autonomously discover, manage and optimize processes Artificial intelligence is being applied to a broad range of applications from self-driving vehicles to predictive maintenance. Some of the more mundane, and even boring, applications are focused on helping improve automation of back office operations.… more

The Implementation Of Facial Recognition Can Be Risky. Here's Why...

Have you ever noticed your friends being tagged automatically after you upload a group picture? Well, that’s how facial recognition technology works. Though the technology has now gained widespread attention, its history can be traced back to the 1960s. Woodrow Wilson (Woody) Bledsoe, an American mathematician and computer scientist, is one of the founders of pattern and facial recognition technology. Back in the 1960s, he developed ways to classify faces using gridlines. A striking fact was, even during… more