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Why Knowledge Bases Are The Next Big Thing

Kurt Cagle | 59 minutes 21 seconds ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

A knowledge graph provides the associations between resources in a potentially complex information KURT CAGLE This is an intriguing fallacy (what I call the disconnected data fallacy) seems pervasive in enterprise circles. It goes something like this: Most organizations are filled to bursting with databases, most specifically dedicated to supporting one particular application or another. There are also data in documents, spreadsheets, and other data stores, and that it's just a matter of laziness that… more

Why We Need To Rethink Central Authority In The Age of AI

This post was developed in collaboration with Dr. George Tomko, Inventor, Biometric Encryption and Smart Data Agents. We live in an age of increasing centralization that pervades all aspects of our culture. In today’s world, centralization equates to control; centralization equates to power. Centralization gave rise to bureaucratic institutions where decisions, borne by a few, ran through a hierarchical structure. This ensured a system where one authority determined how systems were run and how objectives… more

AI Chatbots At The St. Louis Blues

Matt Gardner, St Louis Blues MATT GARDNER One of the most immediate ways that organizations are seeing value in artificial intelligence is in the use of chatbots and conversational interfaces, one of the seven fundamental patterns of AI. Chatbots have been in use for decades, but only recently have they had sufficient intelligence to handle conversations with a wide range of vocabulary, accents and conversational styles. Now we have chatbots that can be developed to engage in very diverse interactions and… more

UN ITU World Awards 2019 Shock With Impact

Startups and judges sharing – Innovation Space – ITU Telecom World 2019 PHOTO CREDIT: ITU The UN International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Telecom World completed its World Awards 2019 measured on the dimensions of the idea, business model, and innovative use of ICT (Information, Communication Tech), social impact, scalability, presentation pitching skills, and team. As a judge, I was able to obtain insights into this amazing experience. Winners are announced in several categories, and then an overall… more

The Hyper-Employment Paradox

Unemployment is at an all-time low! Great news, right? Not so fast. GETTY You might have noticed, in the last several months, that a curious trend has begun to take place in economic news. Unemployment has hit a fifty-year low - the last time it was this low, 3.7%, was in 1969, when the big news was not the economy but the Vietnam War. Yet if you are paying attention to the job payroll numbers, you may also have noticed that the number of new jobs created has been dropping slowly but steadily to 136,000… more

Artificial Friend or Virtual Foe

Is AI Making More Good Than Harm? Is AI Doing Any Good at All? Researchers, entrepreneurs and policy-makers are increasingly using AI to tackle development challenges. In other words, using AI for a greater good is a real thing. Several studies and prototypes have been run to prove the value of AI in high-impact fields such as healthcare (Chunara et al., 2012; Caicedo-Torres et al., 2016; Pathak and Kumar 2016; Robertson and DeHart 2010; Waidyanatha et al., 2013) or environmental issues (Tehrany et al… more

Responsible AI Drives Execution

Global non-profit OceanMind uses AI to detect illegal and unregulated fishing, which helps authorities protect ocean life and promote sustainability. PHOTO: COURTESY MICROSOFT The AI for Good movement founded by the UN ITU AI for Good Global Summit (#AI4G) is having reverberations into powerful responsibility. AI4G has more than 150 projects in its AI repository. I’m providing my perspective on these programs where I’m donating time to many of them, including Microsoft, and thus have deep insights. Other… more

The Art Of Online Influence

Welcome to the Influence economy, where digital marketing and savvy social media skills come together. GETTY If you ask the average person what an influencer is, they might describe a woman on Instagram posting photos in a bikini, holding a weight loss product and encouraging her followers to purchase it.  Several surveys conducted of young people around the world have stated that “Influencer” is one of the most desired career options that children and teens around the world aspire to pursue.  Although… more

When Steph Curry Has Your Back: The SnapTravel Story

Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry with Bryant Barr on stage at Disrupt | MARTINE PARIS It's not every day that an NBA great funds your company, shows off your swag at the NBA Finals, tweets about you to his 13.7 million Twitter followers, and pulls you on stage at Disrupt SF, one of the most popular tech startup events of the year, but that's exactly the dream that SnapTravel co-founder Hussein Fazal is living these days. “Since we launched two years ago, we've booked over a million nights and now have… more

Rethinking Weak Vs. Strong AI

Artificial intelligence has a broad range of ways in which it can be applied — from chatbots to predictive analytics, from recognition systems to autonomous vehicles, and many other patterns. However, there is also the big overarching goal of AI: to make a machine intelligent enough that it can handle any general cognitive task in any setting, just like our human brains. The general AI ecosystem classifies these AI efforts into two major buckets: weak (narrow) AI that is focused on one particular problem… more